Friday, May 16, 2008


Well, we moved back to Oklahoma so that I could finish school and then be able to move anywhere. Up until a month ago we really thought that we would be staying put. Then, PJ lost his job and we lost the foster kids. This was so hard for us. However, these turn of events came after a family fast so we truly feel like it was supposed to happen, however painful it was. Those two things were the only things keeping us here, so bon voyage Oklahoma. We will no longer be the classiest looking people on the block because we have all our teeth and don't have mullets. We will now look just like everyone else. I have accepted an amazing 3rd grade teaching position in Ogden, Utah. Everything about this has felt good and right to me. I can't wait to get there and get settled into our new life.


Ben and Stacy said...

So I was pondering this and thought that you guys still might be the classiest people on the block in Ogden... I mean, honestly :). That will be so great to have you guys back in Utah though! We all missed you! I would love to play with your hair and such! I guess we will see you soon! PS have you even met my husband? lol

Julie Melvin said...

Can't wait to have you close again! Congrats again on your graduation and new job!! Hurrah for you!