Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fabulous Me!

It has been so long since I have posted anything. I guess I have been apprehensive about my ex-husband reading this. Hopefully he is done obsessing over me and I can update my fabulous new life to this old blog. Ha...that sounds like the old TV show, "This Old House." I guess I kinda feel like that though. I was a dilapidated old house that just got a total overhaul and I have a fabulous new exterior. Those who knew me before will understand since as of August 1st...I have lost 55lbs. Go South Beach Diet! It feels so good to eat healthy (and don't even worry that the crust on that pizza is whole wheat...nice!) and exercise. I mean, I always new that I was fabulous, but for the first time in a long time I feel like maybe other people will be able to see it with out a first impression getting in the way.

I guess I feel reborn almost. Coming out of an abusive relationship is not an easy thing. I feel like I was lost for a long time. I feel like 6 years of my life were taken from me...stolen perhaps. There were so many aspects of me that had been forgotten about along the way. Now that I am on my own and living it up, I feel like I can breath again. I am engaging in passions (wholesome goodness only, I promise) that have been locked away like a dirty dark little secret. It is fun to be social again. Being married to someone with bi-polar disorder does not lend itself very well to having any kind of a social life. And as we all know...I am a very social person. Hello, if there is a party you know that I will be there with bells on making everyone laugh so hard that maybe...just maybe someone might pee their pants just a little bit. This photo for example was taken on a school field trip. Let's all just remember that I am the teacher. Why someone ever put me in charge we will never know. Any who, we were on a simulated bass boat so I started to pretend that I was getting a little sea-sick and all my kids (3rd grade) loved it! One of them grabbed my camera and snapped the flash. Don't even worry that I have like 5 different ones after this of all the kids and me pretending to throw-up on each other. Gosh I love my kids...they are so stinkin' fun!

Anyway, life is beautiful and full of wonderful surprises around every corner. I am even learning how to country swing dance....and hello let's all just take a minute to take that one in. We all know that my entire life has been dedicated to hating country music, so what in the heck is going on....I don't even know...but it's kinda fun!

These photos are just to show everyone how much fun I have been having with my posse (the cousins)! The first picture is pre-corn maze. All is well and fine and yes I do mean fine....hello we're gorgeous!
The second picture is right in the thick of danger. I am pretty sure that the chain saw man was chasing us and we knew that our lives were on the line. Yes, yes, that was it.